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At Stockland Property Group our clients are much more than that, they’re family. We pursue relationships long before sales and profits. After all, we’re not really dealing with properties as such, we’re dealing with people. Individuals who place a great deal of responsibility and trust in us and who we wish to provide with the best service, impeccable attention to detail, peace-of-mind, openness and a true sense of satisfaction when all is done. Here’s how we’ve fared …



Dear Brett

Just a short note of appreciation for the enormous, dedicated effort you have put in to sell my townhouse in Linden, Johannesburg in April 2019. You kept going when other agents gave up in what they said "is not a good market for selling". Thank you for you professional, friendly service - from listing my property, through transfer and all the way to the end. The service providers (electrician, attorneys, bond originators, etc.) you are working with are also top class and had updates and information ready at every call - this is rare and such a pleasure to experience. I will most certainly refer you to all my friends and colleagues - you have done a marvellous job!


All the best,

Jaco Lubbe



Dear Brett

Just to say a big Thank You for facilitating the sale of my property. I have bought and sold quite a number of properties over the past 20 years, and generally am mistrustful and intolerant of property agents! Dealing with you has been a most pleasurable experience. From the time you took my property onto your books, to the time that it was sold, transferred and handed over, you kept me in the loop completely all the way through and took the stress and worry off my hands.

I look forward to doing another transaction with you in the future.


Kind regards,

Lind Hampton



Dear Brett

Thank you for all your effort in selling my house. Thank you for all the extra effort you took to see this sale take place. Not only did you manage to sell my house in a short space of time (despite a very uncooperative tenant) but also went out of your way to help with all the disasters including a burglary, flooding of my basement and theft of the electrical wires!

You were constantly positive and professional. You service went way beyond the extra mile.


Thank you,

Tanja Bousquet



To Whom It May Concern

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Brett Beaumont from Stockland Property Group. He has successfully facilitated the sale of our house in a very difficult market. He has been way ahead of the other Estate Agents whom we dealt with. He always had our best interests at heart and all of his actions and constant regular communication showed how much he cares. Brett put his heart and soul into this difficult sale (it has taken 2 years!) and from the bottom of both our hearts, thank you.

Brett, it was a pleasure doing business with you, you have gone above and beyond to help us, tirelessly, during a very trying time.


Robbie & Kirsty



To Whom It May Concern

Re: Brett Beaumont – Stockland Property Group

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with Mr Brett Beaumont in the listing and sale of our home. I want to commend you for your excellent service. You went above and beyond our expectations and made this transaction happen.

In addition to advertising and prospecting, which was exceptional, you also gave me guidance on the correct pricing of our home which was an over inflated price given to me by a previous agent. You ensured everything came together at the close. Your experience and patience served us well. Thus I highly recommend you for residential real estate needs.


Yours faithfully,

Mr N. Bhima



To Whom It May Concern

Stockland Properties recently sold our home for us. Throughout the process Stockland met our expectations in every regard. Brett Beaumont remained highly involved and supportive throughout the process in a way that helped both buyer and seller to remain calm and assured that the correct legal and financial steps were being taken and that served the best interests of both parties. We remain grateful to him for selling our home in a difficult economic climate and recommend him highly to anyone considering selling their home


Kathleen Beukes



To Whom It May Concern

Brett Beaumont of Stockland was very helpful in the sale of my house. He went the extra mile and not only made practical suggestions as to changes I could make, but also organised quotes for me, in order to facilitate the sale. I found Brett reliable, hardworking and honest.


John Rollason



To Whom It May Concern

Dear prospective client,

It is with great satisfaction that I recommend the services of Brett Beaumont of the Stockland Property Group. I was impressed with Mr Beaumont’s professionalism and enthusiasm, which was out-done only by his outstanding dedication and commitment to the endeavour. [In my experience, this is a lamentably absent quality in many ‘professional’ people that I find myself encountering, and Mr Beaumont has proved himself a noted exception.

We were informed of our options in a cogent and comprehensive manner, and we were guided through the process without ever feeling pressured or bamboozled by a lot of sales talk. I found Mr Beaumont’s recommendations and explanations, in terms of how to market my property, to be both reasonable and rational, and very clearly born of considerable experience in this field. We were always kept abreast of developments, both telephonically and electronically, and we never once feared that the process was ‘slipping from our control’. That being said (and at the risk of repeating myself) in instances where we were a tad ‘out of our depth’ Mr Beaumont’s clear and comprehensive guidance has proved invaluable.

I am thoroughly pleased and I certainly encourage you to enlist the services of Mr Beaumont. I wish him well and good fortune in all his future endeavours.


Yours truly,

Mr L. Schniewind



To Whom It May Concern

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with Brett Beaumont, the Principal of Stockland Property Group in the sale of my Northcliff property. I encountered a level of excellence from start to finish.

The experience at each phase of the sale effort was superior. Brett went above and beyond to sell my property. His marketing was great and professional. Brett updated me constantly; I never had to follow up with him once. Brett’s innovative efforts, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale were accomplished with a noticeable degree of care, competence, humility, integrity and grace.

Thus, I highly recommend Brett Beaumont for residential Real Estate needs.


Yours truly,

Kelly Kourie



To Whom It May Concern

I approached Brett to sell an investment property of ours after he sold the neighbouring property for a price I could hardly believe.

We met in person only once. Subsequent to that Brett exceeded all my expectations. He went out of this way to successfully conclude the deal. He did not stop until transfer was guaranteed.

He went completely overboard in ensuring I am happy and fully informed all the time. I literally did nothing. He did everything.

I've dealt with high-end real estate agents in the past and have never experienced this level of personal service.

I will not bother to deal with any other estate agent again. Brett will be the exclusive agent for our future dealings.



Francois Fouche



To Whom It May Concern

I am writing on behalf of my husband Sushil and myself with regards to the sale of our home in Blackheath. Our property was sold through Brett Beaumont, an agent at Stockland Property Group.

Brett was awesome to deal with and he made our experience extremely pleasurable. Even though we were very stressed at times his incredible adaptability and willingness to help allowed us to be at ease during the entire process of selling from start to the absolute finish. He took time out to help with the tiniest of details E.g. going out to our property and having the electrical compliance certificate done.

Thank you Brett we feel privileged to have worked with someone who has such a high standard of professionalism.



Prashna & Sushil Vallabh



Dear Brett,

We feel we owe it to you, and other prospective clients of yours, to record a few facts with regard to the quality of your service.

We first put our home in Waterval Estate/Northcliff border on the market about 4 years back. (Closed space) We met with many estate agents who promised the universe and could not produce a single star.

The one big international name agent, with a sole mandate, did not bring a single prospect in 18 months.

Words and tears about how quiet the market had become.

The second agent was also backed by a big international name and every few weeks she would bring someone who, as far as we were concerned, was grossly unqualified. All the usual rubbish about too big and too small, too quiet, and too good condition to justify renovations or they wanted us to finance their renovations/upgrading by up to 30% of our asking price. Each time the agent was insistent that in the quiet market this was the ideal buyer, even though the price was way below our mandate price, but she was not prepared to drop her commission percentage. There are limits to how much of that pressure and verbal offers one can take.

Then, with respect, and by the grace of God, we found the “new kid on the block” advertising other property in our street. Anything would be better than past experiences so we gave you a try. The best thing we ever did.

There are several points that really impressed us.

Obviously you kept all appointments on time and, with respect for the industry, on only one occasion you were delayed a few minutes but let us know ahead of time that you were running late.

Totally acceptable.

There was no big sales pitch about how big and wonderful you were and all the properties your company had sold. (Mamma Mia! Some go overboard trying to justify their presence!) Just straight forward, you had cut your teeth with someone else and decided to go on your own with no back-stabbing. We signed a straightforward simple mandate and you even modified your industry standard commission structure slightly in our favour.

You took a couple of pictures of the place.

Not another special additional appointment with a professional photographer.

We limited you, as with others, that there would be no show house days. Within a couple of days you were bringing people almost daily and on one classic Saturday there were four groups through the house. Just a matter of weeks, and well-within your mandate period, you brought a young couple who could meet all of our reasonable requirements. “D and N” were obviously well briefed on what to expect and well pre-qualified by you.

No need for any negotiating and bargaining. You had accurately perceived what they wanted and accurately projected to them, what we had to offer.

What an absolute pleasure dealing with you and clients like this. We admired particularly your quiet inter-reaction with the clients in our presence. We did not hear any of the pressure talk trying to convince the client that this was a large room or a small room or a fancy light fitting. You did not force your prospects to notice features which may have appealed to you and not to them.

Brett you did an excellent job and we were really impressed with every last way you handled all of the details and background negotiations.

You kept us informed all along the way and we could not have been more impressed with your service.

Well done, and Thank You. May God be with you and guide you to continue in your professional manner and reward your efforts handsomely.

Although we are moving to the Cape in four weeks’ time we will remain in e-mail and cell phone radius and will gladly communicate with any prospects who may have other questions about their dealings with you. You have earned the right to be supported by us.


Kind regards,

Frank and Verity Porrill



Dear Brett,

Seeing that the sale of our house seems to be approaching the end, l am very happy to write a note about our experience of the process.

As you are aware, the house was handled by another estate agent from a well-known agency for 4 months before we got through to you.

We find your professional service much more personal, with interest in our property and what we as sellers expect.

I cannot but have only good things to say about the professional relationship we had with you.

The original assessment of the house was very competent, sensitive and reasonable, all appointments kept on time and suggestions you gave well intentioned, knowledgeable, to the point and useful.

We both felt that the house is getting excellent exposure through your website(great photos) and other media. We were very surprised by the amount of show house days-quite a few!

Even in the rock bottom market, we had quite a few interested parties viewing the property.

Also, l am very thankful for your personal assistance in the matters that you should not be obliged to assist with - from the recommendation of the lawyers to garden maintenance, refuse removals, artisan work required-may look like smaller stuff, but quite an obligation and irritation if you are left without it.

It was a pleasure to have such a trusting and competent service.


Best wishes and many thanks,

DRs N and L Groenveld



Dear Brett

I want to thank you for all the effort and hard work you put into selling our apartment. I appreciate your constant calls letting us know what is going on. You have remained professional and tenacious under the most trying circumstances. I appreciate that you were always prepared to go the extra mile and that you took personal time out and exceptional effort to assist us, especially as during the December holidays when the geyser burst you took control of the matter on our behalf.

Thank you for your services over the past number of years, we hope you have much success in the future!


Kind Regards,

Mr and Mrs Kellerman



Hi Brett,

At this point I would like express my gratitude for the manner with which you handled the sale of my property. I am of the view that you showed care and dedication in ensuring my satisfaction as a client. Simultaneously I believe that you also showed equal care for the purchaser which has led me to believe that when I need to purchase a property again in the future I can ensure my trust in you. I noted particularly that you were willing to go the extra mile to take care of my interest even beyond just selling the property on my behalf.

Once again thank you and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.


Kind Regards,

Mr A M Kgantsi



To Whom it May Concern


I was very impressed by the way Brett turned my ordinary home into something special, which it is actually, I had just forgotten having had the property for so long. Brett is very quick and thorough in his approach to marketing the property. He went beyond his duty by being available to answer my questions and overcome any and all obstacles. Brett is very fair in matters financial. I think that his approach to establishing the selling price lead to achieving a win-win sale.



Dr H Dooley



Dear Brett

RE: Northern Court Block of Flats

  1. Thank you for assisting us to sell the property at a very competitive price at a time when the market was performing poorly.
  2. I noticed that no expense was spared if I amongst other things consider the huge ‘For Sale’ signboard you put up to catch the eye of oncoming traffic.
  3. You further assisted us to sift between the chancers to find the serious buyers.
  4. We also appreciate your regular meetings and reports to us to keep us updated.
  5. I will certainly recommend you to any potential client.


Warm regards,

Mr M and Mrs T Sischy



Dear Brett


Would again like to thank you for the excellent service I have once again received from you. As on both previous occasions that used you as my estate agent, your service was highly professional, efficient and accommodating. I will certainly continue to refer prospective buyers and sellers to you.


Best regards,

Mr T De Castro



Dear Brett,


We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides and we sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business.

Thank you for the great effort in assisting us in selling my property on time and at a reasonable cost. 

We understand that the deal handled was not an orthodox sale of property and I must hence emphasize our sincere appreciation of your flexibility and courteous service in closing this deal. 

Your support, patience, knowledge and understanding have not gone unnoticed and I will recommend your company to those I know if they ever need to buy or sell a property. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Kind Regards,

Mr and Mrs Surjooram