Impala Centre
177 Beyers Naude Drive,
Northcliff, 2195

Company Profile


Established in 2010, Stockland Property Group is a boutique estate agency based in the Northcliff / Randburg area with our offices in the trendy Impala Centre on Beyers Naude Drive, Northcliff. We focus on helping people buy, sell or rent residential property in Northcliff and its surrounding areas and pride ourselves on our impeccable hands-on and personal service.

Our team comprises agents who have been in the industry for years and years and bring a wealth of experience to the company and you.

Embracing the latest technology, our marketing is personalised and always professional, enabling us to offer our clients a full spectrum of advertising for their properties and thereby exposing them to their full potential.

As part of the service we offer Stockland makes use of the expertise of a range of tried and tested associated specialists from whose experience our clients all benefit from. These include conveyancing attorneys, bond consultants, electricians, artisans, installers and many more.


As a small company compared to some of the other giants in real estate we feel that we offer distinct advantages to all who deal with us, these include:
Attentive, Personalised Service

  • Unlike dealing with larger companies, to us you are not just a number or commission waiting to happen.
  • We give you regular and meaningful feedback as we focus all our energy on the mandated properties given to us.

Local Office

  • Our office is based in Northcliff so we’re close to the homes we sell and the people we sell them for.

Flexible to Market Needs, Changes and Trends

  • Being smaller makes us more agile and flexible.
  • We can adapt to change in a heartbeat and if something isn’t working we can rectify it, pronto.
  • With no monolithic and cumbersome red tape to work around our marketing is fresh and effective.
  • Together with you, our decision making process is quick and responsive, as are all our follow-ups.

Close to You, Our Customer

  • We believe to be successful in business we need to be close to our customers and understand their needs.
  • We are able to devote more time to meeting with our customers, more frequently than the larger companies are.

Exclusive and Creative

  • At Stockland we are more than aware that each of our customers are unique and all have different needs and requirements. Our size and expertise enable us to address your wants in a customised and creative manner. Not merely wallpaper.

Direct Access to the Principal

  • You will have direct access the principal of the company on your property.

Relationships for Life

  • Being smaller allows us to build stronger relationships with all our clients whom we treat as family. At Stockland we don’t merely wish to deal you once but prefer to create a long-lasting partnership which includes providing assistance and information on all aspects of owning, or selling, your property.

But don’t just take our word for it. To find out why “Smaller is the new Big” click here to find out what some our satisfied customers have to say.

Put the Stockland team to the test by contacting us here. One of our agents will gladly get back to you.